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Hello RtS, new here and very much appreciate your article. Thank you for all the time and effort you must have put into this article. Hopefully there will be more articles from you soon.



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I was one of those who received the long form census questionnaire only a few months ago.

Imagine my delight at having to answer all those lovely questions asking me exactly where I was born etc.

More delighted because I, like many, thought the courts had struck all citizenship queries down.

I must say, although I pray every night for Trump to be reinstated, like St Augustine asking God to make him good, I now also add “but please not yet”! This show is way too good to be ended early.

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Excellent RTS!!

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Wow, RTS, your hypothesis was fascinating.

I ALMOST don't want the world to be put to rights. If that happens, will we lose insightful analyses of this caliber?

You know I'm saying that tongue-in-cheek. OF COURSE I want this nightmare to be behind us.

But, seriously, intelligent commentaries from writers such as you have been one of the silver linings of the trials we've been experiencing.

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That is some amazing investigative work!

I think you are brilliant to figure all that out AND to be able to clearly take us with you as you explain it. You are a Saint for our times. I just love the beginning about Trump being a master at the long game.

If, as Q says, we are watching a movie, well then it has to be the greatest movie of all time…and lucky us, we are living it, knowing the ending will be the most well thought out ending ever.

Thank you Richard the Saint ! Loved reading this! ❤️🇺🇸🌎

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Great stuff.

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You and your🖊 are such a blessing. I love that you fill in all the blanks. Brilliantly done RTS.💞

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The Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation and solidified the power of the Federal Government over the states. Lincoln already served the same people, whose descendants are now comprising the global banking cartel that is about to force its technological Paradise on its cyborg slaves.

Today's crimes didn't start yesterday:


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Thank You Richard, God bless You and Your's 🙏

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Incredible Analysis Richard.


Sharing a lengthy, detailed document written by a young injured retired military veteran. I found it interesting.

Plus the following:


God Bless You!

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